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Barry is a native of Birmingham, Alabama with a love for God's creation. He enjoys writing about God, the Bible and History. His immediate family consists of his wife, Faye and one grown son, Guy. He is a graduate of Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Barry's ministry Ezekiel Ministry is a ministry of hope and healing. Sharing God's light and love to a dark world.


The Story of Palmerdale

“In a complex, mobile society like ours, life’s tapestry gets shredded. The continuity of our lives is ripped by transience and fragmentation. Community is fragile, torn, scattered. Our need to examine and to share our story is vital – for our own mental health, for our relationship and our cohesiveness in community, and for the good of a future that can learn from the pass.” (George Bush) This story is about community, a community that has stayed together for over 75 years. It was founded during hard times, but through dedication it has survived. It is one of the few communities that has survived in this fragmented world we live in.



Alive in the Spirit in the Spirit

A study in the book of Ephesians. Ephesians is a book about the church. It deals not so much about the congregation in the city of Ephesus, but with the worldwide church. The church in which Jesus Christ is the head. It deals with the purpose of which the church is to be the instrument for making God’s wonderful plan of salvation known throughout the universe. It shows us God’s love and how we are to act as disciples of Jesus Christ. It shows us what our relationships should look like when we are living this plan of God. Then it shows us how we are to live the victorious life that God had planned from the beginning. It is exciting to see God’s wonderful plan as it unfolds.



True Spirituality

True spirituality is living life forward but understanding it backward. I believe that this is so important in our walk with God. In this book, I have looked back at my life. There are two reasons to look back at your life. The first is to see that God has been with you all the way. As I look back, I can see God’s plan for my life working out no matter how bad I messed it up. God can always bring it back into focus. All we need to do is look to God and obey His commands. The second is we need God’s healing in our life. Unless we look back at our lives, we cannot see where we need God’s healing. I have had to look back and see what caused the hurts in my life so that God could heal those hurts. I pray that this book will help you look back on your life and see what a great plan God has for your life. No matter what you have done or how far you have gone away from God; He still has a plan for your life.





Sermon on the Mount

We need a revolution, not just any revolution, but a revolution God’s way. Unless this revolution is God’s, nothing will change and nothing will happen. This book is about building our foundation. The best way to build our foundation is to study the Sermon on the Mount. Unless we build our foundation strong it will not stand the test of the storms of life.



Healing the Wounded Spirit

We come to God from a life of sin. Our lives are filled with brokenness, emotional scars, hurts and rejection. We are bound and imprisoned to many habits and thought patterns. When we are born again, we receive God's forgiveness and a new life with a new heart and are taken into His Kingdom. However, there are many areas in our life that have been destroyed by sin. These areas are in need of restoration and transformation by the Holy Spirit.




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